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In 2014, the husband-and-wife partnership of Jim Forbes and Elinor Hunter established Kinord Books as an Edinburgh-based imprint to self-publish their 'fiction with a Scottish flavour'.  The first offerings were two full-length novels: A Bad Woman by Elinor Hunter and Taran's Wheel by Jim Forbes.

Both novels have attracted favourable reviews and demonstrated appeal for a diverse readership, male and female.  Neither one fits snugly in a particular genre of fiction: A Bad Woman blends social history with a saga of real working-class lives in the mid to late 19th century; Taran's Wheel interweaves a contemporary tale of mystery and suspense with local legend and true historical people and events.

One feature these very different novels share is that they are strongly evocative of the areas in which they are predominantly set.  A Bad Woman brings to life the rural south-west and the industrial heartland of central Scotland during a time of massive social upheaval, while Taran's Wheel is rooted in north-east Scotland, past and present.  The themes explored by both are, however, universal.

Jim and Elinor each published a second novel in September 2014, on the same day (the 19th)!  Scotch and Water, the second book in the Incomers series by Jim Forbes, again blends historical fact with contemporary fiction, this time with a setting in and around Edinburgh.  Sharpster by Elinor Hunter, set partly in Scotland and partly in the U.S., is a psychological thriller that opens in the 1960s.

More recently published, on 13th May 2016, is Jim's third Incomers title, Rona.

Hard-copy (paperback) editions of Kinord Books are distributed worldwide by Amazon. E-book editions are also available for Kindle readers.