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A Bad Woman by Elinor Hunter

Published 23 January 2014 by Kinord Books (274 pages).  ISBN: 978-0-9928080-0-6 (paperback); 978-0-9928080-1-3 (e-book)

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It takes A BAD WOMAN to make a bad man, the saying goes.  Though Queen Victoria's affair with John Brown raises barely an eyebrow, it's a different story for her working-class subjects.

In Scotland, Bella and Isa each discover the harsh realities of loss and single parenthood.  Like Victoria, the supposed moral compass of the nation, they risk their reputations to survive tragedy and retain their sanity, only their efforts are met with public censure and humiliation.

The fates of all three share uncanny parallels, yet posterity will brand one of them A BAD WOMAN.  But then nothing is ever as it seems ...

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Readers of A Bad Woman say:

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'keeps pages turning with romance, suspense and poignancy'

'a gripping story with that indefinable "unputdownable" quality'

'fascinating ... I'm hoping that the author has a follow up'

'difficult to put the book down'

'beautifully written ... a lovingly intimate portrait'

'riveting ... I haven't been caught up in a book like that for a while'

'intriguing story ... a breath of fresh air'

'well written ... held my interest to the last chapter'

'I enjoyed the way the characters intertwined and came together'

'I can't believe that this is a debut novel.  More please!'

'so true of how life was at this time and so well written'

'an interesting read, particularly the timeframe of the lives of these women'

'this is my type of book ... you must read it'

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