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Scotch and Water by Jim Forbes

(Incomers: Book 2)


Published 19 September 2014 by Kinord Books (344 pages).  ISBN: 978-0-9928080-4-4 (paperback); 978-0-9928080-5-1 (e-book)

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The 2014 independence referendum is history, but it's a time of drama for Edinburgh and the ancient land of Lothian.

  • A metal detector hobbyist is murdered just as he strikes gold.
  • The discovery of cryptic writings sheds new light on a celebrated 19th-century Edinburgh family.
  • A ruthless businesswoman exploits council corruption.
  • Controversially, huge volumes of water are to be pumped to southern England.
  • A violent ultra-nationalist cell plots mayhem in the wake of Scotland's 'no' to independence.

Like scotch and water, these apparently unconnected goings-on make a potent mix: a web of political, criminal and terrorist intrigue linked to a mysterious relic of some of Lothian's earliest incomers.

The second of the Incomers novels.

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Readers of Scotch and Water say:

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'a must-read follow-up to Taran's Wheel'

'a clever and intricate plot overlaid with an action-packed romp'

'five-star read ... delightfully palatable and hangover-free'

'thoroughly enjoyed it ... characters from Taran's Wheel make you think you know them'

'wonderful follow-up book'

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