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Sharpster by Elinor Hunter

Published 19 September 2014 by Kinord Books (272 pages).  ISBN: 978-0-9928080-6-8 (paperback); 978-0-9928080-7-5 (e-book)

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It's the swinging sixties, and Kelton MacLeod is on a year's scholarship at Aberdeen University.  When local girl Carol falls for his easy American charm, she abandons family, friends and her fiancé to run off with Kelton to St Louis, Missouri.

Smooth as silk, more slippery than soap, he is driven by boundless ambition.  But too late, Carol discovers she has sacrificed everything for a psychopathic womaniser.  Astounding business acumen propels Kelton's career in corporate pharmaceuticals, while his lies and manipulation make him the husband – and the boss – from hell.

Yet what goes around comes around ... so will the long memories of all those he has wronged prove to be his undoing?

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Readers of Sharpster say:

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'I really, really loved this book and was almost sad when I finished it'

'the feel, pace and style of Scandinavian crime fiction with a dash of Grisham'

'another page turner ... I was quickly drawn into the ruthless world of its hero ... an entertaining and absorbing tale'

'The year is 1968 when "all you need is love".  But will Kelton be a "dream lover" or "devil in disguise"?'

'riveting and compelling ... a five-star read if ever there was one'

'another great story from Elinor'

'excellent ... well crafted plot and very believable'

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