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Taran's Wheel by Jim Forbes

(Incomers: Book 1)

 Published 1 March 2014 by Kinord Books (326 pages).  ISBN: 978-0-9928080-2-0 (paperback); 978-0-9928080-3-7 (e-book)

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What has become of the ancient talisman known as TARAN'S WHEEL?  A riddle from beyond the grave sets Delia on a hunt.  Her search, which takes her from Chicago to the 'Pleasant Vale' of Cromar in Scotland, reveals the dramatic story of the Vale and its people.

But can this story lead Delia to Taran's Wheel, or will sinister forces deny her the prize, even threaten her life?

The first of the Incomers novels.

An Aberdeen Press & Journal Book of the Week.

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A 12-page Companion to Taran's Wheel, giving brief information on all the places in and around Cromar, historical characters and events mentioned in the book, can be viewed and downloaded here.

Readers of Taran's Wheel say:

(see full reviews on and

'a web of mystery and suspense which held me riveted'

'a must-read for anyone with a taste for adventure and cryptic puzzles'

'contemporary mystery and intrigue combine seamlessly with historical fact and folklore'

'in the style of The Da Vinci Code ... guaranteed to retain the reader's interest'

'full of suspense ... I felt when reading this novel that I was actually there'

'captivating ... mystery and murder set in wonderful surroundings'

'pacy thriller ... ingenious cryptic clues and meticulous historical research'

'this clever story informs and entertains like few others'

'he uses his local knowledge to spin a great story'

'I found reading two stories in one quite difficult to keep up with'

'gripping story ... lots of historical content.  Really enjoyed this book'

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